performance and stability at your service

Functionality and continuity of work depend on the choice of the right connectivity, both in terms of performance (which is often identified only in upload and download values, but in reality is also very sensitive to latency and noise), and in terms of stability over time.

Our media are on business platforms that are not shared with the consumer side enabling high fluidity with minimal latency and very low noise, as well as consistent service stability. We also have a range of hot and cold backups that allow redundancy and fail-over without interruption of service.

Cloud PABX

a new approach to corporate communication

Cloud PABX defines a new approach to corporate communication that involves the coordinated and optimised use of all channels.
The ultimate goal is to increase people’s productivity by enabling them to communicate in any way and at any time, regardless of where they are and what tools they have at their disposal.
To date, the Virtual PABX in the Cloud is located inHelsinki, London, Madrid, Milan, Chicago, Singapore and Zurich.

Some of the basic functions that enable a major leap forward in productivity are:

  • Local and transferred numbers
  • Local and international calls
  • Landline numbers in 145 countries
  • Toll-free number
  • International numbering
  • Use on several devices simultaneously
  • Independence from local infrastructure
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IP Phone System

advanced, high-performance local network telephone systems

If the cloud world is not for you and you prefer to have direct management of the hardware, we can guarantee you advanced, high-performance services with telephone systems that use local network infrastructure, while still providing value-added services such as

  • Geolocation allows you to see the location of co-workers in real-time
  • Presence Status knowing the availability of all colleagues
  • Contact by chat, audio, video
  • Fax server elimination of fax equipment
  • Videoconferencing system that you can use directly from your desk, without activating complicated devices that often do not work as you would like.
  • Security the IP centre complies with the new GDPR regulation already in force in the European Union and soon in Switzerland

Wi-Fi systems

specifically for hotels and companies

HOTEL guests now consider Wi-Fi to be a supreme asset.
Everyone wants to be able to connect at all times, perhaps using more than one device and especially in every single area.
In order to provide a top-notch service, your network must have widespread signal coverage and sufficient speed to guarantee smooth surfing for users. This is what it means to have an ‘efficient system’.

VeryFile’s Wi-Fi solution is backed by years of experience in the design, implementation and management of network installations for both small businesses and large corporations.

VeryFile offers its customers the best Wi-Fi solution to support the continuity of operations and the maximum coverage required, reaching even the most isolated areas and providing broadband internet access.

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IP Video Security

safety and security in public and private environments

The issue of safety and security in public and private places is a focal point of society for us. VeryFile provides third-generation integrated solutions through IP Surveillance that enable ubiquitous coverage, image clarity and remote usability.

Information technology support

years of experience serving small and large companies

The IT sector is constantly evolving. VeryFile is an agile, flexible and capable partner to accompany and support you in the management of your IT platform. Network management (local, intranet or internet), optimisation, choice and implementation of suitable equipment (servers, switches, firewalls, nas, peripherals and software in general) to speed up and secure your work are the basis for our work.

VeryFile’s Wi-Fi solution is backed by years of experience in the design, implementation and management of network installations for both small businesses and large corporations.

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Consultancy and business costs

always at your side in the search for the best solution for IT and security projects

With a view to innovative and technologically progressive consulting, VeryFile accompanies its customers in the implementation of their IT and security projects, offering the right advice all the way.
We will be happy to advise you on the solution with the best price/performance ratio that meets your requirements for the task at hand.

A company’s mobile and fixed-line voice and data traffic can be a very substantial expense.

Often over time the situation of lines and subscriptions is not monitored consistently and bills end up being paid without any control.
The complexity of telephone bills makes it difficult to understand costs.
VeryFile offers consultancy services for the optimisation of telephone and data costs: through an in-depth analysis of bills, we are able to indicate the most favourable operators and tariff plans.

Mobile network sim

Sunrise / UPC business agency

The partnership with one of the most important players in the canton and nationwide allows us to provide value-added services in the mobile, connectivity and fixed-line telephony sectors. We are a Sunrise / UPC business agency specialising in B2B with professional advice on choosing the most suitable service for your needs.

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Wiring and electricity

data network performance depends on the implementation of the most suitable infrastructure

We study, create and certify wired networks integrated with Wi-Fi networks that guarantee the best operation of network equipment and VoIP telephony at maximum speed and with guaranteed service constancy without the annoying interruptions that sometimes occur on Wi-Fi-only networks. This is complemented by the study, implementation and certification of electrical, access control and anti-intrusion systems with highly professional products.

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Our present for your future.

Our aim is to provide a personalised supply and support service to meet the needs of businesses and offices as quickly as possible.