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Nowadays the cost of digital storage space is considered zero, if compared to the square meters of office that in the past were dedicated to the document warehouse. For several years, data centers have been exploited, structures composed of computers and solid disks connected to the network that can be used by companies and organizations to process, store, disseminate and manage large amounts of data.

The structure that characterizes these complexes machine rooms consists of additional power subsystems, uninterruptible power supplies for the supply of electricity and electricity, backup generators, ventilation and cooling systems to ensure an optimized operating environment, dual connectivity of network carriers (telco) and articulated systems to allow a high degree of data protection security.

The precise moment in which a company decides to use a data center is the beginning of a series of advantages, including the immediate interruption of the economic load related to the costs of maintenance and management of the internal infrastructure, in addition to financial obligations towards energy suppliers.

The resources granted can also be tailored to the customer who can take full advantage of the special functions and resources of the provider’s Data Center according to the needs and in pay-per-use mode, or paying exclusively for the service he actually uses.

From an economic point of view, capital expenditure will be drastically reduced, while outsourcing, given its nature as a service purchase, will fall within operating costs.

VeryFile as the only service provider and business partner considers all the specific variables of each individual customer to guarantee work carried out in a workmanlike manner and really allow the customer to exploit the technology for the achievement of objectives starting from the construction of solid foundations.

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