Size matters

Often when we talk about the infrastructure that must exist at the base of every company we have the perception that it is never our “small reality” and that it is a prerogative of companies with at least 99 collaborators. This way of thinking is a direct consequence of the exorbitant costs that, until a few decades ago, could not be avoided at the time of the preparation of the aforementioned technological skeleton. The curve defined by the cost of a GB of space is impressive: 240,000 USD in 1980, 8,000 USD at the end of the millennium and 0.016 USD in 2022.

Clearly the components of a technological structure in the corporate world are many and are certainly not limited to the space used for storage; however, the same (together with the related costs to the end user) represents very well one of the problems that the companies of the past were not necessarily able to overcome.

With constantly evolving technologies that we have today even companies with small dimensions, or reduced margins, can take advantage of the latest generation software and hardware and leverage their potential to lighten their workload and maximize their operational capabilities.

Just think of when we are the customers. We receive a business card from a person who offers us a product but his email is How do we react? How would we react if we read

As is often the case, it is the details that make the difference. Having an adequate technological infrastructure to support its activities means, in most cases, being able to exploit the characteristics of the technology and take direct advantage of it.

Virtual switchboards supported by data centers around the world, management software integrated with emails, contacts and calendars, CRM able to interface with VoIP phones, super-performing computers that, however, do not cost thousands and thousands of francs, are just some of the proposals that we have already implemented for our most trusted customers.

VeryFile wants to be the technological reference for your company and allow you to focus on your work, without ever having to worry about technology. Because it works, and it always works.

Our present for your future.

Our aim is to provide a personalised supply and support service to meet the needs of businesses and offices as quickly as possible.