Smart working, but smart for real

No premise is needed to introduce the concept of teleworking, in the last 24 months we have been catapulted into this new dimension in which most entrepreneurs and collaborators did not know where to start. On the international scene, however, the idea of being able to work remotely (WFH, WFA) has already been abundantly tested, analysts and human resources managers have defined the characteristics that make this solution affable and fundamentally decisive for some of the most widespread problems.

At VeryFile we believe it is primarily an organizational, technological and structural problem, which must be studied in detail to ensure results that can satisfy every board of directors.

Going in order, we need to review the technological infrastructure to ensure a smooth experience for all users. In addition to simple access to email, it is useful to consider fast access to documents (online and offline), the use of virtual and VoIP switchboards, remote printing and, last but not least, the hardware infrastructure.

The possibility of studying a functional solution for the specific needs of companies sees light from the first meeting with our Business Analysts, experts in process management and simplification of activities in the transformation process from “company” to ” digital company”.

We believe that, at least for most sectors, the world of continental Europe is not yet ready for a total revolution in these terms; however, we strongly believe that in some cases leveraging the available technology would allow companies to contain some costs (such as, for example, those of renting spaces) without having to give up the performance of collaborators.

In the legacy left to us by the wise men, it is always true that “asking costs nothing”, proving the fact that we at VeryFile offer completely free consultations to anyone interested in proceeding in this direction.

Our present for your future.

Our aim is to provide a personalised supply and support service to meet the needs of businesses and offices as quickly as possible.