“We’ve always done it this way”

This is one of the worst preconceptions that are established in the daily lives of many companies when circumstances push individuals to question technological habits. Why is it among the worst? Because growth and change go hand in hand, so the updating of its structure must follow the developments of the IT world.

By this we do not mean that we need to change everything every 12 months, but that it is smart to try to enhance the hardware (and software) infrastructure with the release and commercialization of new technologies. The striking example is Apple, a Silicon Valley giant that every year delights us with new seemingly revolutionary iPhones. Considering the needs of the average user, we believe it makes little sense to change their smartphone at the same time as the release of the latest model, and we all agree on the similarity between the cameras of the iPhone 12 and 13 Pro; in the same way we agree on the clear superiority of the 13 compared to the iPhone X.

Follow closely the NFT, non-fungible tokens (we will talk about it in another article), a reality that until a few months ago even seemed not to exist, or at least was completely unknown to most of us. Within a few weeks this acronym was on everyone’s lips.

Technology grows at the speed of light, our job is to identify what are the macro-advancements and exploit them, making sure that the whole structure can benefit from them.

At VeryFile we provide a complete assistance service to customers of all sizes, we identify with them the objectives to be achieved and we define our action plan for the achievement of the same.

The concept behind our philosophy is the same as aces in their places, because just like people, our hardware and software are assets of indescribable value within society, they must be positioned correctly and the functioning of the individual must be guaranteed, to obtain the effectiveness of the whole.

Our present for your future.

Our aim is to provide a personalised supply and support service to meet the needs of businesses and offices as quickly as possible.